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A landscape of restaurants, pubs, cafes & public places into a discovery platform to discover new music, acts, arts & artistry near you

Discovery! Now a new menu in the cafes near you.

With an army full of supermen running around to deliver food at your doorstep, doesn’t stepping out just for food and beverages sound too old school to you? How about stepping out to “discovery” each time? Discovery of new music, acts, stand ups and various artistries. We at GuitarClub envision a landscape, where each cafe, pub and restaurant in India is not only looked up as a place for some burger & beverage but as a platform for discovery. Each of these places serving the same burger but now with an added experience to either tickle your funny bone or ring the blues bells or may be something new like loop station performance. This now is one reason why you should step out.

Start your discovery now

For the entertainment devil in you- Step out & step into any 'GuitarClub' venue.

Think of entertainment, just think of it and in one flash the world around you is transformed. Mood lights ON. Live entertainment is ON around you and you can't stop yourself from going crazy. And coming out of this world is equal to a dream which you never want to come out of.

How overrated it is to step out just for food and beverages when they are all delivered to your doorsteps these days! Why don't we add up a streak to it by stepping out into the third world, where a bombshell of stepping out experience is all set to explode.

We believe there exist two types of world in every individual's life. First world is home and second world is your workplace. Our vision is to create a #ThirdWorld exclusively meant for entertainment where the whole idea of stepping out experience is taken to the next level.

The moment you think of stepping out. You think of us.

What's ya type? Name it! We have it all in our Third World. From live music, to concerts, to DJs, to stand up comedy brought right to you at our premium class venues in the city. Explore the independent genres of independent artists, all performed live at all the awesome venues in the city.

By creating a Third World, we are also making an effort to uplift the largely overshadowed independent artist scenes by given the artists a platform. A platform where an artist can perform live and connect with his audiences.

For an independent artist to find a platform otherwise is often more than a task in a space where the showbiz is consumed by Bollywood. These artists have everything they need in them but yet go unrecognised.

We make an effort to give them a stage where they can make themselves recognised, where they are heard and applauded. This way we add up to keep the artistry alive in India. And, this is just the beginning.

Core Team

Aditi Aggarwal
Amith P Singh
Anju R
Arvind Narayan
Chandrashekar R
Irshan Jaffer
Lokesh S
Mayank Pun
Pawan Kumar
Shalini Nair
Siddharth Gandhi


Ajay Dutta
Srinivas Krishnamurthy
Venu Gopal Iyengar
Iqbal Mohammed
Sourav Banerjee