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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 'The Secret Gig'?

The Secret Gig is an exclusive show curated for music lovers hosted by people(GuitarClub partners). A place where your type of music(based on your inputs) would be played live right in the living room/backyard. You get to socialize with an amazing set of people curated as audience who would share the moment with you.

What happens at The Secret Gig?

The Secret Gig is all about live music and live experiences closer and personalised than ever. It is to help you discover new music, acts & artists and connect the artist with right audiences. All you have to do is Reserve. Arrive on time. Enjoy the show. We would serve you up to 2 beers and quick bites of course. You are expected to give your attention to the music. Asking your phone to be quite is much appreciated. Once, the show is done you get to greet and meet the artists and new people around you.

For Hosts

How can I host The Secret Gig

Click on the link below and let us know your details.


Why should I host The Secret Gig?

Simply because of an amazing evening, you would get to host. Well, we have other perks but let’s discuss that over a call. What say?

When will I hear back?

Expect us to give you a call back within 12 hrs after your application is received.

Will my house be safe?

Yes. The Secret Gig audiences are regardful to the host. Any unlikely damage caused inside the property during the gig is on us.

Will the neighbours complain?

Artists play stripped-back sets(acoustic sets) only at The Secret gig. Thus, the sound is kept low. These gigs are short shows which let you peace out before 10.30pm. You can always invite your neighbours.

What are the timings?

Our team is before time to set things. Guests can arrive on time mentioned by the host and peace out by 10.30 pm at the latest.

Can my friends come? How many friends can a host invite?

Being a host you too will have some guest list. This will be informed after your application has been finalised

How big should the place be?

Once we receive your application, we can take this up over a call.

Will I be paying for the Artist?

No, the artist fee and production cost will be on GuitarClub. The host only has to manage the beverages and finger food for the guests.

Will I get to chose the Artist?

No, However, the host gets to choose the genre of music to be played.

Who manages the whole show?

The GuitarClub team will have a manager, a bouncer & videographer to ensure sanity in the show, leaving the host and the guest to completely enjoy the evening of discovery.

For Guests

How do I attend The Secret Gig?

1. Reserve on the event you want to attend.

2. Share your contact details.

3. Confirm your reservation.

We would put your name into a draw out of which the guests get selected by our team and we will notify you. We aim to ensure everyone who reserves has the chance to experience The Secret Gig. You always have a next chance to apply to if not this time.

Why is the lineup and venue location kept secret?

We keep our line ups secret because we believe that every artist deserve equal respect irrespective of any factors. Also to ensure that people don’t reserve the spots based on who they’ve heard of.

Most of the venues are people’s homes, thus we ensure the privacy of the host.

Are there any age restrictions for The Secret Gig?

Most of our secret gigs happen in the living rooms of people and alcohol will be served. However, we say no for underage drinking. Any such cases will be considered seriously.

The content of the gig, might not be child-friendly. Kids are asked to remain silent during the gig. We appreciate if our team is kept in the loop before you finalize your spaces for the event.

How many reservations can I make?

Let’s give your friends circle a break and say Hi to new ones. However you can bring in one friend. We allow you to reserve 2 spots for each gig.

When will I find out the location of the venue?

The details of the location will reach your inbox a day before the show.

Does the reservation cover beverages & food?

Yes. You will be reserved up to 2 beverages, soft drinks and quick bites after the gig. This is also the time you get to connect with new like minded people.

Want to experience The Secret Gig?

Watch this space for the upcoming secret gig in your city.